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Know what to measure, when to measure and how to measure.

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Sam Lachow


"I immediately saw an authentic increase in my social media numbers and fan interaction. I really appreciate how hands on they are, taking the time to explain strategy and always informed when I have a question. I'm always kept up to date on the performance and numbers and I always feel like they have my best interest in mind. Great experience."

Angelo Sosa

TopChef and Founder of AOSbySosa

"Working with smart brand has completely opened my eyes to the important of digital analytics and how it can make or break your business strategy. I felt the team at smart brand was open to ideas and very flexible in their approach. For me the most important point was the level of creative & innovation in their ideas. The gigantic increase in conversion rate also helped."

Joe Krug

Founder at Finsweet

"Like most business owners, I am always busy with my business on a day-to-day basis and marketing is usually a secondary thought. Partnering with SmartBrand for our marketing efforts has freed up my time to focus more on my business' core activities. I spend more time on what I'm good at and leave the confusing world of 2018 marketing and lead generation to the professionals at SmartBrand. They've taken a weight off my shoulders and helped me increase the leads that hit my inbox."

Luke Dicola

Founder at LDP and Music Attic

"When I first launched Music Attic I knew how to create video content but hadn't given a second thought to how to promote it. I got in touch with SmartBrand sooner than later after feeling a bit overwhelmed. They organized goals and outlined a clear plan for growth. I've saved a ton of money working with them from the start and it's great to put my audience growth on auto-pilot."


Use advanced tools to identify and know your market before running any ads.


Get your message in front of a warm audience in a way that's appealing.


Build long lasting relationships to drive sustainable success.