About SmartBrand

Hi, I'm Ethan...

I'm the founder of SmartBrand. Thanks for checking out the site! We're glad to have you.

Why Did I Start SmartBrand?

I founded SmartBrand to fill the knowledge gap between business owners and digital marketers. We help you make the smartest digital marketing decisions for your business.

How Long Have You Been Advertising For?

Over seven years. As a college student, I co-founded and later sold a social media marketing company. Then I moved down to NYC, where I spent five years working for two fortune 500 companies and one of the world’s largest digital publishing companies. I've been freelancing since, launching SmartBrand in early 2018.

Why Did I Leave NYC?

I realized two things. First, most start-ups and brands suffer from a gigantic knowledge gap specifically with regards to advertising. Second, I was tired of jumping through hoops to get things done. I knew to make my largest impact, I had to become my own decision maker.

What Makes Us Different?

We put the client first, not our bottom line. If we don't think you're ready for advertising we'll tell you. We don't make empty promises and we're 100% transparent with our ad strategy and results. We're here to serve and grow your business, and we know if do those things our business will grow too.


Determine What Works Best and Invest

Reduce Natural Loss of ROI

Utilize Marketing Tech

Identify Outside Areas of Opportunity

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