We're a company that takes advantage of technology to help your business grow

SmartBrand is Facebook Blue Print Certified advertising agency with over seven years of experience in digital content and ad campaign management. We specializing in Facebook and Instagram campaigns and marketing automation
Our technological advanced specialists with the ability to provide the highest quality web design, video production and animation in addition unison with your ad campaigns.
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Digital Evaluation

Evaluate Digital Presence

Campaign Goals

Reporting & Targeting Tools

Define Process

Review Assets

Evaluate Opportunity

Determine New Assets & Tools

Audience Insights

Analytics Evaluation


Ad Management and Set Up

Funnel Creation

Retargeting Strategies

Audience Development/Custom Audiences

Ad Optimization


Dynamic Creative and Split Testing

Pixel Optimization


Video Production and Animation

Web Design and Development

Instagram Growth Tools

Dynamic Ads

Google Analytics

Photo Editing

Shopify and Production Catalog

Marketing Research

Advanced Ad Optimization Tech

Messenger and Chat Bots

Tracking and Analytics

Tracking and Analytics 24/7

Multiple Platform Views


Scheduled Reporting

Enhanced Learning

Integrated Systems

Latest Techniques

Improved Decision Making

Growth Predictions

Trend Analysis


Determine What Works Best and Invest

Reduce Natural Loss of ROI

Utilize Marketing Tech

Identify Outside Areas of Opportunity

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Our technical knowledge sets us apart from the competition as we can work with a variety of platforms and circumstances

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